Trench raid


German WWI
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Here is my latest WW1 figures thought you might like to see them. I used these two images as a touchstone for this dio. When the doughboys arrived in France they were imagined as wild indians by their French allies. Playing off this notion, I’ve tried to give this group of soldiers a devil-may-care, gunslinger feel, mixed with a heavy dose of relief at successfully completing their first night patrol. Not 100% accurate as most quickly replaced their cumbersome campaign hats with French style side caps, but I liked the more western feel of their original headgear. The campaign hats, the base, 2 of the three French gas mask bags and the neckerchiefs are from scratch. The Chauchat light machine gun, the Winchester 12 gauge, the pistol belts, and the shot gunners holster were augmented from existing items to be more accurate.